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Nexon logo

The Nexon Co., Ltd. is a South Korean video game publisher that specializes in online games for PC and mobile. It maintains over 80 titles. Nexon’s parent company is NXC, a South Korean company. NXC has holding company with located in Jeju Island, South Korea. Nexon was founded in Seoul, South Korea in 1994 by Kim Jung-ju and Jake Song. In 2005, the company moved its headquarters to Tokyo, Japan.

As of March 2020, it is the largest game company in South Korea and the third-largest game company in Asia outside Japan in terms of revenue and market capitalization, after China’s Tencent and NetEase, ahead of South Korea’s Netmarble, 37 Entertainment, and NCSoft.


Main color #00a1e1
Current version year 2012
Country Tokyo, Japan
Brand Site

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