eBay logo

eBay Inc. is a leading American internet company that owns and operates eBay.com – a hugely popular website for online shopping and auctioning. eBay Inc. has also set up more than thirty localized websites and acquired other big web businesses such as PayPal and IBazar.

Originally named “AuctionWeb”, eBay.com started functioning as an auction website in September 1995. The earliest version of the eBay logo, often called the “Death Bar” logo, consisted of a simple motif in black font and a black and white sloped bar.


eBay logo evolution

Another version of the eBay logo was created by Bill Cleary of a Californian design agency, named the CKS group. The current logo of the web auction company, adapted in October 2012, came after almost 17 years and evidently reflected a cleaner and more modernistic design approach.

The older version of the eBay logo features the company’s name in a zigzag manner with abnormal capitalization and every letter, using a slight modification of the Univers font family, is not placed on the same level. This probably implicates that the company is always ready to accept challenges and is constantly growing.

The current eBay logo comprises of a very straight-forward, clean and contemporary design which is very elegant yet outstandingly exciting.

(source: famouslogos.net)

Current version since 1995
Country California, USA
Brand Site www.ebay.com

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