WWF logo

The WWF logo is undoubtedly one of the most memorable and popular logos in the history of graphic design. It delivers a very trustworthy, caring and responsible image for the global environmental organization. The logo has a immense visual appeal that evokes an inward emotional feeling and shifts the viewer’s attention to the organization’s noble and benevolent campaigns for a better planet.

The WWF logo also carries a significant commercial value. It was actually inspired by a giant panda at London Zoo named Chi-Chi, representing the organization’s enduring efforts to protect this wonderful species, as well as other endangered species. The minimalist design, depicting an adorable and innocent giant panda, features only black and white colors, hence considerably cutting down printing expenditures and maximizing printing output.

The WWF logo features a custom typeface.

(source: famouslogos.net)

Main color #000000
Current version since 2000
Country Gland, Vaud, Switzerland
Brand Site www.worldwildlife.org

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