Toshiba logo

Following the merger, the company logos of the two business entities also combined to form the new Toshiba logo. The company’s name was also registered as a trademark in 1939.

The company initially experimented with various logos in Japanese script. The logotype that eventually featured “Toshiba” in the Roman alphabet was unveiled in 1950. It underwent a few notable modifications in 1969. As part of the repair process, the typeface was simplified, in an attempt to make the Toshiba logo more simple, contemporary and legible.


Toshiba logo evolution

The red color was given to the memorable wordmark in 2002, when it was made the official logo of Toshiba Group. While the red color in the Toshiba logo depicts passion and courage of the company, the black color stands for its dominance, supremacy and elegance.

The Toshiba logo features the Eurostile typeface.


Main color #FF0000
Current version since 2002
Country Tokyo, Japan
Brand Site

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