Tesco logo

The Tesco logo is one of the most popular and instantly recognizable logos in the retail industry. Its current version was unveiled in 1996, featuring a “modern” look and feel with five stripe reflections under the brand name. The logo notably cast out the classic “typewriter” font which was in use since the 1970s, in an effort to get rid of the “vintage” style of the old Tesco logo.

he Tesco logo incorporates the colors of the British flag or Union Jack; red, blue and white. The red color in the logo signifies prosperity, joy and happiness, whereas the blue color symbolizes excellence, reliability and trustworthiness. The white color, on the other hand, depicts nobility, elegance and purity.

The Tesco Logo features a custom typeface named “Tesco bold”. It was exclusively created for the company by Dalton Maag, the famous London-based independent type foundry..

(source: famouslogos.com)

Main color #F02E25 #0054A4
Current version since 1996
Country Hertfordshire, UK
Brand Site www.tescoplc.com

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