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Suzuki was founded in 1909 by Michio Suzuki as a manufacturer of looms and soon turned into successful industrial enterprise. The company’s engineers made attempts to diversify the range of products and created several prototypes of motorized vehicles before World War II.

However, it was not before the end of the war that Suzuki entered the promising motor-vehicle business. Meeting huge demand for their two-wheel bikes, in 1954 Suzuki Motor Company introduced its first four-wheel vehicle, Suzulight 360cc. Four years later the company’s designers presented the iconic logo that was destined to become the brand’s representation for years to come. It was a mere black ‘S’ letter, featuring sharp edges which triggered associations with the Japanese culture.

The image was completed with four strokes, standing for wheels, which highlighted the brand’s entry to automobile business. In 1963 Suzuki Motor Co. entered the US motorcycle market. Later on Suzuki emerged as one of the global leaders in automotive business, particularly in Asian markets.

Its products are known for high reliability and low running costs. Also, they are closely associated with the famous ‘S’ logo, which has virtually remained unchanged since 1958. The first edition of the logo was designed in black color and had the company’s name below the image.

Then it was replaced with a red one, which proved to be more appealing to large audience. That logo had the company’s name on the right side, printed in blue letters. Suzuki inscription later moved underneath the logo, however, the emblem itself remained intact.

Suzuki logo is both simplistic and elaborate at the same time. It is difficult not to recognize the ‘S’ letter forming the emblem. However, sharp edges and chopped forms are definitely associated with the Japanese culture, reminding of samurai heritage and hieroglyphs. The company’s name below the logo is designed in customized Helvetica font.


Main color RED BLUE
Current version year 1958
Country Shizuoka, Japan
Brand Site

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