Sony logo

The Sony is certainly one of the world’s most popular and instantly recognizable logos. It has undergone several modifications throughout the years.

The company’s name, “SONY”, originates from the Latin word “sonus”, meaning sound. Moreover, the words “sunny” and “sonny” hugely inspired the earliest Sony logo, which was registered as a trademark in 1955. The logo, however, started appearing on the company’s products two years later in 1957.

The current version of the Sony logo comprises of a simple wordmark which was first introduced in 1959. According to some branding experts, it is meant to “communicate strength and simplicity”. The Sony logotype experienced a few minor overhauls in 1961, 1962, 1969 and 1973, mostly upon the suggestions of Norio Ohga, the former president and chairman of Sony. Majority of these changes were implemented under the supervision of Sony designer Yasuo Kuroki and its chief of the design bureau, Akio Morita.

The use black color in the Sony logo symbolizes perfection, elegance, integrity and the illustrious history of the brand.

The Sony logo incorporates a slightly modified form of the Clarendon typeface.


Main color BLACK
Current version since 1973
Country Tokyo, Japan
Brand Site

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