Reebok logo

Reebok logo

Reebok International Limited, is a world-renowned brand of sports shoes, apparel, sportswear and other accessories. It is owned by the German multinational corporation Adidas. The company’s name “Reebok” originates from the Afrikaans spelling of “rhebok”, a South African antelope or gazelle. Reebok is widely regarded as one of the most valuable and recognizable brands in the world..

Reebok was founded in 1895 by Joseph William Foster as a a manufacturer of regular shoes. He came up with the unique idea of producing a spiked running shoe. After the immense success of this product, he established the company with the help of his sons and named it “J.W. Foster and Sons”.

In August 2005, Adidas acquired Reebok as a subsidiary, uniting two of the largest sport outfitting companies, but maintaining operations under their separate brand names. Adidas acquired all of the outstanding Reebok shares and completed the deal valued at $3.8 billion.

The Reebok logo is one of the most popular and widely recognized logos in the sports industry. It has played an instrumental role in establishing Reebok as one of the leading sportswear brands on the planet.


Main color GRAY RED
Current version year 2013
Country Massachusetts, USA
Brand Site

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