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Product Hunt is an American website to share and discover new products. It was founded by Ryan Hoover in November 2013.

Users submit products, which are listed in a linear format by day. The site includes a comments system and a voting system similar to Hacker News or Reddit.

Products are organized into four categories; technology products (web apps, mobile apps, hardware products, etc.), games (PC, web, mobile apps), books and podcasts. A submission simply requires a product title, URL, and tagline. As of 2016, according to Hoover, the website has led to the discovery of over 100 million products across 50,000 companies.

The site also includes a daily email list that sends out yesterday’s top tech «hunts» (products) as well as a featured collection. A version of the digest is also available for games and books.

Product Hunt is also available as an iOS app, macOS app, an Android app, and Google Chrome extension. The company’s headquarters is in San Francisco.

The site received funding from Y Combinator. In November 2016, AngelList acquired Product Hunt for $20 million.


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Current version year 2019
Country San Francisco, USA
Brand Site

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