The NASCAR logo is widely regarded as one of the most popular and instantly recognizable sports logos in history. It is a timeless piece of artwork, a true masterpiece that symbolizes the essence, personality and superiority of the flamboyant racing association. With a clever and effective design, it equally attracts the fans, as well as the drivers and their teams.

The NASCAR logo comprises of a multicolored design that contains very bright, vibrant and energetic colors such as red, blue, yellow and purple. All these color exemplify the thrilling, exciting and wonderful nature of the motor-sport. The white color of the NASCAR logotype marks it as distinct from other sporty colors.

The NASCAR logo incorporates a modified form of the ITC Machine typeface. Just like majority of the present-day sports logos, it features an italic and bold font style that reflects thrill, vigor and performance.


Main color #FFE119 #EE3A43 #B92F93 #007AC3
Current version since 1981
Country Florida, USA
Brand Site

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