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Microsoft logo

The original Microsoft logo, often termed as a “groovy” logo, was first introduced in 1975. It contained flashy disco lights, which are reminiscent of the 70′s and 80′s era. The second version of the Microsoft logo was appeared in 1975, and remained in official use until 1987. It featured the company’s name in uppercase characters on a dark green background.   Sometimes referred to as the “blibbet logo”, it put special emphasis on the  fanciful letter “O”.


Microsoft logo evolution

The company changed its logo yet again in 1994. The new “Pacman” Microsoft logo,  which remained its sole corporate identity until August 2012, was conceptualized by Scott Baker, the noted American graphic artist. It incorporated the Helvetica Italic typeface, with a slash between the letters “o” and “s” so as to exemplify the “soft” part of the company’s name and to signify motion, speed and force.

The current version of the Microsoft logo was unveiled in August 2012, featuring a bright, multicolored Windows symbol. It comprises of the four squares in familiar Windows colors – red, green, blue and yellow – symbolizing the diverse portfolio of the company’s products. The wordmark also underwent major overhaul and now contained the Segoe UI typeface. As a part of redesign, the italic fonts and the cutout on the “O”, two significant attributes of the old Microsoft logo, were notably discarded.


Current version year 2012
Country Washington, USA
Market NASDAQ: MSFT, S&P500
Brand Site

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