Lufthansa logo

The company’s name “Lufthansa” – originating from two German words; “Luft” meaning air and “Hansa” from the noted trading company Hanseatic League – was reportedly coined by F. A. Fischer von Poturzyn.

The Lufthansa logo is widely regarded as one of the world’s most popular and instantly recognizable airline logos. It was created in 1918 by German architect and graphic artist Otto Firle. The logo comprises of an encircled stylized crane in flight. According to some branding experts, when the first-ever aircraft was put to use in Germany, it was pure white and almost appeared like a giant white crane.

The Lufthansa logo has undergone a few overhauls over the years. The first significant redesign was introduced in 1955 to include the airline’s name, “LUFTHANSA”, in uppercase characters, inscribed on the fuselage – while the blue crane emblem appeared on a yellow parabola. The company changed its logo once again in 1963. This time, the crane was positioned inside a small circle against a yellow background.

The Lufthansa is a member of the Star Alliance.


Main color YELLOW BLUE
Current version since 1963
Country Cologne, Germany
Brand Site

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