Lego logo

The company’s name “LEGO” originates from two Danish words: “Leg” (meaning “play”) and “Godt” (meaning “well”).

The Lego logo is one of the most popular and instantly recognizable logos in the toy industry. It has undergone six significant overhauls since its inception in 1935. In 1940, the words “Billund – Denmark” were added to the logo and company’s name focused on an isometric perspective.

The Lego logo was redesigned yet again in 1948. This time “Billund – Denmark” was taken off and “LEGO” logotype was given a more playful and friendlier approach. This treatment is still in use to this day. The distinctive red background was introduced to the logo in 1954, whereas the yellow outline was first implemented in 1973.

The current Lego logo was unveiled in 1999, featuring a slightly rounder and larger typeface.

The Lego logo incorporates a rounded, custom-made typeface.

Main color RED YELLOW
Year 1999
Country Billund, Denmark
Brand Site

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