Lacoste logo

The “green crocodile” logo of Lacoste is widely regarded as one of the most popular and instantly recognizable logos in the fashion and apparel industries. Lacoste’s famous crocodile logo originates from a true story. The brand’s history goes way back, when Rene Lacoste was nicknamed “Crocodile” by the American press, partly due to his infamous bet with the Captain of the French Davis Cup team. The Captain had promised to give Rene a beautiful crocodile skin suitcase if he wins a very important team match.

The name, that “bettered” Rene’s performance in every match, became immensely popular in American public. Rene’s friend, Robert George, illustrated a red, green and white colored crocodile emblem which was later embroidered on Rene’s shirts and blazers that he wore in all of his appearances.

The iconic Lacoste logo soon established one of the most successful apparel brands of post–World War II. Its crocodile trademark not only appeared on men’s t-shirts, but also on women’s and kids’ clothing, perfumes, bags, footwear, belts and wallets.

The Lacoste logo incorporates a very elegant and slightly-rounded custom typeface..

Main color #004526 #DB0026
Year 1933
Country Troyes, France
Brand Site

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