IKEA logo

The company’s name “IKEA” is actually inspired by the founder’s initials “Ingvar Kampar”; the first letter of his family farm “Elmtaryd”, and his birth place “Agunnaryd”. The IKEA logo is one of the most popular and widely recognized logos in the furniture industry. It features bold and elegant lettering which imparts a powerful and modern corporate image.

The yellow and blue colors in the IKEA logo are influenced by the basic colors of the Swedish national flag. The aggressive lettering (based on a Futura typeface) and the contrasting colors make the logo really stand out and create an impact. The blue color symbolizes trust and excellence, whereas the yellow color stands for happiness, imagination and energy.

The IKEA logo incorporates the Ikea Sans typeface which originates from the Futura font family.

Main color BLUE YELLOW
Year 1998
Country Delft, Netherlands
Brand Site www.ikea.com

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