Ford logo

Ford Motor Company is proud to have one of the most recognizable corporate logos in the world, the one that has been used for most of the company’s history. Yet, Ford’s first production car, Model A, introduced in 1903, featured an emblem with stylized ‘Ford Motor Company’ wording, complete with a fashionable artistic border.

From 1906 to 1910 the american car company used a patented script, known as ‘Script with wings’, which was a thoroughly designed Ford signature with extended “F” and “D” letters. By 2010 Ford has come up with the final revision of the wording that has not changed ever since.

Ford logo is a flattened oval figure designed in several shades of blue and white colors. The famous stylish Henry Ford signature is embedded into the oval. The company has always stressed on the importance of tradition, recognition and elegance and only introduced minor corrections to the logo through the long and successful history.

The Ford logo has long been associated with blue color which has earned it wide recognition. The latest version of the logo, introduced in 2003 to celebrate Ford’s 100th anniversary, features a gradient of shades, from light blue at the top to navy blue at the bottom. The ‘Ford’ wording is designed in white letters and there is also a white oval line, embedded into the logo. At the dawn of Ford empire the emblem used to be black and white.


Main color #00307A
Current version since 2003
Country Michigan, USA
Brand Site

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