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Bandai Namco logo

Bandai Namco Holdings Inc., also known as the Bandai Namco Group and generally Bandai Namco, is a Japanese holding company which was formed from the merger of Bandai and Namco on September 29, 2005. It specializes in toys, video games, arcades, anime, and amusement parks. Bandai Namco also supply various arcade machines to movie theaters and arcades across the globe.

The company’s headquarters are in Minato, Tokyo. Their US branch, Bandai Namco Holdings USA, was officially formed in 2008, and handles the US operations of the company from their headquarters in El Segundo, California. As of 2017, Bandai Namco is the world’s largest toy company, earning $6.4 billion in annual revenue.


Current version year 2005
Country Tokyo, Japan
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