AT&T logo

AT&T Inc. is a famous global American telecommunications giant. With its global headquarters in Dallas, Texas, it is widely regarded as one of the biggest companies by total revenue in the US, as well as one of the widest mobile network operators in the entire world.

Saul Bass is officially credited as the sole creator of the original AT&T logo which eventually became one of the most memorable logos in the history of graphic design. The logo served its purpose well for a considerable period of time and became influential in making the brand an absolute preference and choice of the consumers. However, things began to change after the company’s merger with SBC.

The emblem started aging and looked worn and, in some manner, commoved consumer brand perceptions and the brand’s overall financial performance. As a result, a redesign was introduced to cover up the deficit. The blue color, which was the primary color of this celebrated logo, was kept intact and Interbrand superbly gave it a modern touch by lending dimension to the old globe.

The original horizontal wires that covered the globe embodied worldwide communications. The newly introduced wires, on the other hand, signified transparency and luminosity, enlarging the logo’s accessibility and drawing in a sense of charm and openness much needed to the “regenerated” corporate identity.


Main color BLUE
Current version since 2016
Country Texas, USA
Market NYSE: T, S&P500
Brand Site

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