Apple grey logo

The Apple logo is undoubtedly one of the greatest and the most famous logos ever created, having an interesting story behind it. The earliest logo of Apple made a reference to the apple that fell to the ground and inspired Sir Isaac Newton to formulate his legendary theory of gravity. It was designed by Ronald Wayne.

The second design featured the “bitten” Apple logo which was created by American graphic designer Rob Janoff and consisted of the rainbow theme – depicting the birth of colors in the world of information technology. The emblem is also supposed to be paying a tribute to Alan Mathison Turing (1912-1954), the undisputed founding father of computer science, who allegedly committed suicide by eating a cyanide-poisoned apple. After 1998, the rainbow theme was discarded and several monochromatic themes were introduced.

The Apple logo consists of an apple which is bitten from the right. It also contains a leaf that is also tilted towards the right side.

Main color GRAY
Year 1998
Country California, USA
Brand Site

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