Air Jordan logo

The Air Jordan logo was created by Tinker Hatfield, a long-time associate of Nike who designed the most popular athletic shoe designs for the company. He was given the task to come up with a logo when Peter Moore, Nike’s head designer, decided to resign. The Jordan logo has undergone various modifications since then. Nonetheless, it still remains one of the most popular, creative and successful logos in the history of sports.

The Air Jordan logo is based on the silhouette of the brand’s founder, Michael Jordan, jumping to perform a lay-up. The logo was unveiled in 1988 with the successful launch of the “Air Jordan III” which became the most popular product of the company.

The posture of Michael Jordan in the logo is painted in white on a black background. Both these colors represent the excellence, elegance, mystique and brilliance of Mr. Jordan’s unique personality.


Main color #000000
Current version since 1988
Country Oregon USA
Brand Site

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